Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Just Another Day

First :

Big round of applause to local rider Paul Ward for winning his first Pro road race in Fayetteville at the 100 mile Tour de Moore. He went on a solo break, then was joined by another.

Paul was introduced to cycling by his father and started riding the Saturday TriPower group rides as a young kid. Fast forward to last year when he got his Cat 1 upgrade. He still comes out on the rides as his race schedule permits, sometimes on a tandem. Nothing quite as demoralizing as being totally tapped out somewhere over 30mph, then looking up through blurry eyed tunnel vision to see two young turks smoke you on an old tandem with a 2 gallon water jug strapped to the rear rack. Paul is now riding for the Natures Path Team (presented by Fuji). Liz has a good writeup with some links on her site. WTG Paul.

I wonder if they were handing up turkey drumsticks at the feedzones?


I shamelessly and without permission pulled this from a comment by JW ( I hope he doesn't mind) :

"in a perfect world, we'd all own a stable of bikes, each a tool for a different trail, a different ride. we'd ride everyday, get drunk every night - and still get the affections of our ladies when rollin' to bed late-night stinkin' of the day's efforts... but that's a perfect world. instead, we just gotta roll with what we got.......... "

I haven't heard something that profound in, well........................ a long, long time. It should be made into a poster or sumthin'. Maybe a shower before rollin' into bed might be nice......, but you get the message.

After the century last Saturday I felt whipped. Not the normal, I've just ridden 5+ hours sort of whipped. Sunday had a low grade fever and general malaise. Monday my right ear (the side of the surgery) filled up with fluid and started incessantly ringing. Very frustrating. Doctor says it should resolve on its own. Till then I'll keep rollin' as much as I can. In this imperfect world "we just gotta roll with what we got....."

Went for a group ride Tuesday AM and didn't feel any worse afterward, so that's good. Seems like no matter how you feel, riding a bike makes it better.



not sure if i'd call it profound, more like the drunken ramblings of a selfish ride-crazed lunatic.

that dude Paul knows how to fuel! that's what i'm talking about.
Paul, at just 21 years old has some serious potential. Also looks like he's committed, and has the support to see how far he can go with this cycling stuff. Cool thing is, he really enjoys just riding. Trains out west in the winter, and back here for the summer. Gonna be interesting watching him through the coming years.
He'll be up in the Northeast for some big Road Stage race this summer in Vermont? I tnink? Maybe New Hampshire. I can't remember the name of it.
I could smell turkey the whole ride when he was eating that drumstick.
maybe the green mt stage race? if he's coming-up for it, i'll keep me eyes-out for the guy.
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