Sunday, June 18, 2006


What a Great Day for a Ride

Today was the Knott's Island Century. A 78 mile ride to the Knott's Island Ferry, a 40 minute Ferry ride. then 24 miles back in.

initial plan was to meet JDiesel at 4:45 AM to ride the 40+ miles to the start, sign up, and be ready for the 7:30 group roll out. JD and I missed each other. Probably a blessing in disguise considering the strength he rode with today. Even on his fixey with a 2 day old broken finger Jim was puttin massive amounts of power down. Not sure what gear he was running, but once he got on top of it it ran a smooth 27 mph.

We had great team turnout

WOW, a picture finally posted! Will it continue?

Better contain my excitement.

A smooth easy roll out with Wild Bill setting the tempo. Nice 25-30 person pace line. The group splinters after a flooded road water crossing/rest stop. 5 miles later the Bill train rolls by. Wild Bill and Speedy BillG. Andele andele, ar-r-r-riba ar-r-r-riba. Just before the second stop at 48 miles the main group screams by with J-Turbo-Diesel off the front by 20 yards. Smmmmmokin'.

Quick refuel and off to the ferry with 1 or 2 others. There 3o minutes before the noon boat leaves. Decided to forgo the ferry fun and pedal back. (<----Samuel photo)

Hit the bridge for some hill repeats, a short loop in Blackwater, then the ride home.

The Saratoga 24 is just 3 weekends away and it was the perfect training ride. Didn't push it hard enough to have a long recovery. Felt really comfortable on the bike once I straightened out my twisted seat at mile 120. The ride back with a tailwind ws screamin'. Probably got in 175-180 miles in just under 9 hours in the saddle.

I've been riding the last 2 times with some new eSoles which are working fabulously. More on those later.

The bridge repeats with 130 miles in my legs didn't come close to Saratoga's Bacon hill after 250 miles, but they were all I had to work with.

Happy Dad's day to all you Dad's out there!!!



So you'll be at the Saratoga 24, eh? I did the 12 hour event last year and loved it. This year I'm attempting my first 24 hour ride. See you there!
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