Monday, May 22, 2006


Word for the Day ----- FLAT

(A bit of) The aftermath from the morning road ride.

Insane. That's maybe 1/2 of the tubes we went through. A loose rim band was sliding around, exposing the sharp edges of the inside spoke holes.

The second time around, Crazy hard at work............

While I gaze off at the beautiful day.

Wild Bill says "Not again!"

50 yards down the road - BANG. An old borrowed tube blows and the entertainment starts.

Finally was able to ride all the way back after Crazy sliced up (one of many available) old tubes wrapped it around on the inside of a new one to "double bag" the thing.

Great to have a team that was willing to stand around and wait will the repairs went on. That was above and beyond the call. Big thanks to all. Especially BillW Richard and Mike.

A short respite at the old standby ......

then over to Ipswich for a ride on the SS. 17-20 people for a group ride to check out the work done and ride the new loop.

The EVMA contingent of Kirk, Larry and the Evil Genious himself. Great work by all reopening the tight twisties of the old park.

K-Dog always finds the camera, or does it always find him?

Unfortunately the flats weren't done for the day.

Big round of applause to Kevin, Mike and DanG who did both rides, logging some major saddle time on a gorgeous day.

SO ends the mother of all photo blogs.

Finally :

My throat doesn't hurt

My ear doesn't hurt, the fluid is gone and the ringing is all but passed

My bruised, swollen leg doesn't hurt - Aside from the sweet soreness of the last 2 days on the bike.



great news! to a healthy, ride-filled memorial day wknd!
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