Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Boys are Back in Town

The American contingent of Adam Craig, JH-K, the Fast JB and TWells are on their way home after a month long stint in Europe chasing UCI MTB points. From what I've seen and read most of the races don't seem to mountain biking as we know it. How can you have 200 starters on ANY kind of single track and fairly determine a winner? Nevertheless our guys (and girls) braved the Euro tracks, course cutting cheaters, and crazy weather. Jeremy H-K broke through in Scotland for a top 5 finish WTf'nG!!!!! They'll all be stronger for the efforts.

Put on a pie plate rear cluster (12-27) for a century (road) ride this weekend outside DC in Reston Va. Did it last year and was surprised by the amount of climbing. Nothing too radical, but close to 6000 feet in just over 100 miles. Not really anything flat about the profile. I've had enough flat. Looking forward to it. Even a freaky dirt/cinder "road" to climb --->.

Planned on just going out this AM for a short spin just to check and be sure the bike was shifting and working OK before making the trip. It was soooo nice out I ended up doing an easy 20 miles. 7th consecutive day on the bike. I WILL rest tomorrow. I'm not much into the numbers thing, but I did sit down and figure the last weeks totals:

285 miles on the "road". 20 of that fire roads on the CX bike.
58 miles of sweet single track in 2 days. 14 of it on a very overgeared SS.
Feels REALLY good to be tired and sore.

Heading up to Richmond to watch the pros at the Captek Classic. Then some Richmond MTBing on Friday.



You're a monster! glad you're feeling better dude. Have fun this weekend.
good to hear you're riding again, take it easy.
nice. rest is a slow death, glad your share of it is ovah for a while!
Thanks guys. Feeling good but still out of shape. But it's comin' on! Just trying to regain some base I had back in Jan-March.

Gonna be a fun weekend.

All the best to yas.

And to Paddy -


salut hahaahhaaa
Good ONYA Mate!!!
Keep givin it to er...
We better ride in the afternoon. Here is the number to my classroom.
804-741-6258 ext. 3924. Good to see you at Captech.
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