Thursday, June 15, 2006


Totally Frustrated

That's how I feel. STILL not able to post photos. Can't figure it out. Initially it was a "server maintainance" issue, but it still isn't resolved. I give Blogger a swift kick in the (__!__). It still doesn't work

Can I can go on posting without pictures? I guess, but it just isn't me. Always been a visual sort of person. I mean, even those folks that said they read Playboy just for articles still wouldn't of purchased the mag if the pictures weren't there.

Anyway, until this is resolved, I'll try to keep writing away. But the pictures are so much more fun............................

Speaking of pictures......... I got a new camera. The little SONY that has (and will continue to) served me so well is still snappin' away, but I got a nicer rig to capture action and such. CHeck out some of the new photos on my photo page here. The new camera was used to take the Amphibious Assault Crit photos. Check out the men's 30+ and 40+ galleries. Click on slideshow and it will be easier to view all the shots without having to do a lot of clicking and waiting.. There's a bunch of 'em.

For those that live under a UltraWorld rock - RAAM is going on now, and entering its 5th day. Some amazing developments :

Jure' Robic has dropped out due to pneumonia. Guess he won't make it 3 in a row. Happens every year to more than one racer after the hot dry dessert gives way to the cool high altitude Rockies.

UltraRob is doing an UltraJob! From what I know by riding with Rob at the ADK - he has a great feeling for pace. He keeps it going steady, steady, steady. Negative split RAAMS (where the 2nd half is finished at a greater speed than the first) are extremely rare. If anyone can do it Rob will. WTG!!!! He is now in 4th place (enduro division) just 100 miles behind Tinker Juarez who has ridden the entire race so far (including the Rocky Mountains) in his BIG chainring! What a stud. Word is he hasn't used aerobars or tucked in those wing grabbing dreads. Yes his Mom is in the crew.

A few other tidbits :

Was sad to see Bacchetta recumbent rider James Kern pull out of the race. I've seen him the last 2 years at the Sebring 24hr - normally as a blur whilst passing me . He set the record there this year with WAY over 500 miles. Lots of 'bent fans were really pulling for him. To date no solo has completed RAAM on a recumbent.

Also sad to see Transplant Athlete Lou Lamoureux have to pull the plug. I wanted to see him make it probably more than any other one there.

Bryce Walsh has picked up the pace a bit after a slow start. He is now in 5th place (enduro division) just behing UltraRob. I had dinner with Bryce and others the night before Sebring this year. Than breakfast with he and JMC champ JohnJ shortly after the race was done. A very soft spoken, very FAST rider. Pedals a sweet IF custom. I guess it was dehydration problems early that are now straightened out. They said he lost 8 pounds in the first few days. Dude is skinnier than a rail, that's a bunch of weight to drop. Found out that a crew member is keeping a blog about the race HERE. Some interesting reading. RideOn.

Kenny Souza is also battling pneumonia, but still in the race.



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