Monday, July 31, 2006


BE Safe Out There

Rode down for the Saturday group rides. On the way I realized that it had been a while since I actually partook of these excellant excursions. Riding around the lot saying the hihowRyas, I spot my man Dag tooling around on his bike, as is usual with his Oakley eyewear/MP3 player on.

"Yo Dag..."

"What's up my brotha'"

"Ummm, did you forget something?" I reply knocking on my helmet with my knuckle.

"No, why?" He looks up at me, sees me hitting my head and realizes his dilema.

As if on Q, Wild Bill gives us a pre-ride refresher on safe group riding skills. It was well called for, well spoke, and well recieved. These rides can get quite fast and furious. We have plenty of red lights and stop signs enroute and we all need to be reminded this is a ride, not a race. All went well and everyone (even Dag) finished unscathed.

Liz survived the Saturday group well, but not the following day's encounter with some large 4-legged rural Pungo residents. Read about it here.

She also wrote a great article about local cycling speedster PaulW that was published in the Sunday paper.

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