Thursday, July 27, 2006


Lots of Racin' This Weekend

The Big Picture

Just about anybody who's anybody ( I'm sure not) in the ultra MTB world will be at the Nationals up at the 24 hours of Nine Mile in Wisconsin. Or anybody that's within' an easy drive anyway. The following is a short list of bloggers that I know will be there.

Paddy H
Eddie O and Namrita
Mr 24
Danielle M
Dave Sears - on a fixey

of course the favs will be there too ...... Eatough, Nat Ross (who rode and won team RAAM), and DeeJay Birtch on SS. Good luck to all.

Also big race up at Jay Peak. WICKED amount of climbing - 10,000 feet in 65 miles. Especially the first climb. JW will be there, rubbin' elbows with the dread-locked wonder, in his first post RAAM race.

Speaking of wicked climbing, how about ORAMM. The Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell. 55 miles with 11,000+ feet of climbing. The fast (thin) JB not only won it, but set a new course record. His report is here. Think you can beat the record? Go down there next year and win a cool $1000.

Tour de Toona

The skinny tire crowd will be getting there RideOn at the International Tour de Tuna Stage Race up in Pennsylvania. Pro road racing for men and women has been going on all week, with amateur points stage races starting Friday.

On a local note

We picked up a strong pair of legs when JonP (the Secret Henry's Team ) moved down here from Del - the land of fatmarc. Good to see him as a regular on the Tues and Thurs rides.

Another TT this weekend - won't be as bad as the last one - that's for sure.

Hope you have good plans this weekend to get your



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