Saturday, August 05, 2006


Scratchin' the Itch

While da boyZ were gettin' dirty down at the 'swich, I had to hit the road to scratch my MTB itch.

Yesterday, a ride at York River State Park. Had to leave quick when the clouds got dark.

The heat was way high........ but no time to cry.

Double bladder packin' for many a lappin'.

Sparks in the air, you better beware.

Today was a ride at Camp #1. The temps dropped a bit for oh so much fun.

Then on up the road to recon Camp #2. Where tomorrow the team will ralley, to do what we do.

Done w/the weak prose.

Been rockin' the WHO-fulz this weekend, A bit narrow for the softness at the Ravine, but absolutely SPOT ON the money for the 18 hour course.

So as the sun sets slowly in the west, I bid you adieu.

Make sure to get your rest, and tomorrow be your best.



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