Tuesday, August 01, 2006


What's Done is Done

24 Nationals are done. Chris "the machine" EaTOUGH is back as the national champ. He lapped the entire solo field before the race was called ~3 hours early due to severe thunder storms.

I've only been on the same course as him once and all I can say is the guy must not be human. His facial expression never seems to change. I don't think he ever even breaths hard. Actually I don't think he breaths at all. His muscles get oxygen directly through the skin by some sort of sublimation process. Check the post a few days back for links to a bunch of good race reports.

Lots of awesome riding out there at 9 mile, not just in the solo category. Jesse Lalonde and his brother, et all, took down the 4 person team category. I'm quite sure they did it on single speeds, AND they beat out one of the fastest teams I've ever personally seen race at these 24 hour events - the VisitPA.com team. I don't think I've ever seen those PA dudes lose a race. Well done.

Check out Andy's race report w/photos from the Jay Challenge. What an awesome ride. Tinker's bike got lost by the airline. Andy and buddy Jeff tied for the podium. What a great story.

I heart group rides, and need to be doing more. Funny that just over a year ago I'd NEVER even done one. A short 12 months ago I was a group ride virgin. Now I'm a slut.

I snuck off to the low speed wind tunnel for some secret aero testing that I tried at the TT last weekend. Although the helmet setup complete with blinky light felt fine, some of the data must be off as I was 7 seconds slower than last month. Maybe it was the 95 degree heat....... yea that's it, the heat. Something a bit masochistic about setting up your turbo trainer in the blazing sun, with temps in the upper nineties and humidity just as high ......... all in the name of WARMING UP!?!? I love this sport.



You are a slut. I'm 99% doing the 18 hours. I have to wait till Friday to reg. though. talk soon.

Yes, a cycling slut I am. and proudly working my way up to the nasty whore I should be.

Great to here about the 18 hour. That event is rapidly developing into a classic.
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