Monday, January 22, 2007


Parting is Such Sad Sorrow

Mini-Training camp is done. So are my legs.

"I wear my sunglasses at night........."

Who did that song?

Hard to get off the bike today, knowing I'd be headed back into the c-c-c-cold. 63 degrees at 5AM, high of 83, 2 or 3 degrees from the record high temp.

Sure hope it's like this for Sebring in 1 month. Put icing on the cake of training abuse with a final 15 miles humpin' the 53x12. Starting from stop signs was fun, especially if it was a bit uphill. Was like a aircraft carrier - took about 7 miles to get up to speed.

Then some parting bike love for the R3T (aka - Art's bike). Clean and shine, attach clip ons, new bar tape. It's taken a liking to sunny FLA. Ready to back up the Six13.

Looking forward (what?) to some cold recovery rides.



Don't come back lest you're bringing sunny fla weather!!!
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