Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Shoes - Help Me Here.

Looking for some opinions, so please leave a comment.

Need some new road shoes, SIDI's always fit and work great, but this is a style decision,

Basic Black?

Goes good with all.

Great at everything from weddings to funerals.

Or Pearl White. Hah.

Is the Pearl White :

Hetero.... ?


or just plain gay .........? (That's gay-haha, not gay-queer)

Wha'd'ya think?

'cause after all - What is beauty without brains?

thanks BJ!



yes , basic black is always in style...
Thanx for clarifying "gay"
I'd go with black.

Then when you get a gift certificate to one of the doubtless many bike-porn catalogs you receive, get the pearl one for variety.
Pearl White! Black is so lame-o and too mountain bikeish- not that there's anything wrong with that. Gay is a unicorn having a sleep-over. Metro is a unicorn that owns a lint brush.
You know whats lamo swobo robo? Your bonkin ass mtb skillz
JB, have fun in whatever you do this weekend! Give me a Holla if you're headin for the hills
Black. White is to homoerotic.

I just crossed a line didn't I?

Black. I like it better.

wow!...Shoes look cute....I have a same black color shoes-josef seibel displayed....
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