Wednesday, February 07, 2007


cOld News

Lots of Locals went up to H'burg for the Epic Superbowl Sunday Ride. Wes has a nice report here. Danbo and Kevin and Liz too.

The Richmond crew got their own tradition started at Sherando on Sunday.

I had a hundred excuses, (and a few of them good ones), to stay in bed a bit later on Sunday then hit Freedom Park again for an easy recovery ride. This time on the Epic, which was dialed in with new pedal style. If they only made a 29er Epic. Really appreciated the auto lockout terralogic Fox Forks after dealing with locking out the bobbing Lefty. If only FOX made a 29er fork....... maybe someday.

Lots of history in the area. Looks like they're recreating some of it on the property.

Had 1-2 inches of snow forecast for this morning. Got excited about possibly riding in it. It never came. Still a nice cool morning to get out and get a good



no tengo your email address....
hey, we were up at sherando saturday also....
Check out that new animated favicon you got goin' there!
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