Saturday, January 27, 2007


Braaaap Whooooosh

Alternated a few days off and a few recovery rides since the Florida mileage orgy. Today's group rides would be the acid test. The acid won. First loop 20 or so riders - my legs felt like wood early, than turned to lead. Thanks to Wild Bill for towing me around. Justin was down from DC bustin' it. He's getting ready for the Valley of the Sun in Az. Looking fit and lean. Heard in the peleton :

Me : "I don't know how I'm going to feel today." (Actually at that point I did, but was hoping I was wrong)

Crazy : "I don't either, but I'm going to find out in a minute............"

As we turn up Independance :

Me : "Looks like Justin is getting away."

Crazy : "Not on MY ride he's not......."


Mike puts it overdrive. The lead group pegged it from that point on. Glad someone was prepared to defend the turf.

Went to shed layers after loop 1. Really felt like bailing on the next ride. The balmy 45 degree weather was feeling warm. Back in the group for loop 2 I realized I hadn't fastened my helmet strap. Prayed for a red light so I could. Never got one. Had to stop, take off big glove and fumble about. Chase down the group of 30-40. Finally catch them, only to fall off again. Rolled thru the regroup. Legs finally coming around. Got in a nice 6 person break. Good to see the Dart out there. Last time I saw him in lycra was on a milk carton.

Danbo was there, a year older, and burping wine. Thanks to he and Misty for a nice party last night.

Heard in the break :

whooooooooosh ...................................
whooooooooosh ..............................
whooooooooosh. ...........................

Like the blades of those big wind generators. I looked around, didn't see one. As Art drifted back from a pull I realized it was him suckin' wind.

He must've sucked all of the oxygen out of the air, 'cause during my pull I realized there was none left. The break stayed away. I didn't. Finished with the group. Lots of wind today.

Went to the shop to get new pedals to replace my busted one. Been wanting to go the Keo route for a while now. None in stock. Good thing I could find some of my old (circa 1986) original Look Clipless pedals in a box.

Feels like they weigh about a pound a piece, but they worked for the Badger back in the 80's, and they worked for me today. One thing still bugs me about the whole clipless pedal thing :

If they're "Clipless", than why do we have to clip in and out?

Interesting fact - Clipless pedals were invented BEFORE leather toe straps. REALLY.

and thanks Laura, for giving me some chain rings small enough to get up even the steepest hills. Gotta work on my cadence now.



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