Saturday, February 03, 2007



Gettin a little chilly out.

Got 4+ hours of sleddin' in on Friday.

no no no. Not that sled.............................................

This one:

With over 10 hours of single track now on the C'Dale Caffiene 29er,

Some universal truthes can be revealed.

It feels a bit more like this sled :

Than this one :

But it still is fun to ride. (So is a moped)

Hit up Freedom Park in the drizzly 40 degree rain in an attempt to further develop my relationship with the Caffiene.

Lots of love-hate going on. Well........ hate's a strong word.

Let's say love-dislike?

Nah, more like love-confusion. Yea, that's it.

Love-confusion. I guess Love and Confusion go hand in hand most of the time anyway. (Universal truth #1)

Like many relationships. Sometimes you just have to stop trying to figure things out, and go with the flow. (Universal truth #2)

Unfortunately Blindly going with the flow can lead to some dangerous, and potentially painful situations. (Universal Truth #3). Everytime the flow got going, the front end would wash out. Lots of understeer in fast corners. Still feels like the head tube angle is too steep. Whatever. Just embrace it and ride.

I really enjoyed the trails. Lots of tight twisties. Sort of like Lodi Farms, with less climbing, roots, and squeeze plays.

With average temps stuck in the 30s the group rides were a bit chilly today, but fun nontheless. With Wild Bill up at the D20 officials clinic, Wayno volunteered Dag to be our leader. And lead he did. If that doesn't instill the fear of road rash in ya' - nothin' will.. Everyone behaved and the rides went smooth as silk. Rough silk maybe, but still smooth. Nice rides.



Glad the rides went smoothly. Cold is fine, but cold and wet... brrrr! I noticed Up In Alaska had a post recently where she described her current ideal cold and wet weather gear. Sounded very good.
Ouch! A Sled! C/dale slam. I bet you'll be able get it snappier with some new wheels.
yess,very bad things happen when the flow is frozen..........
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