Thursday, August 23, 2007


18 HOURS Rescheduled

So the 18 hours of Scouts Honor was canceled due to an intense storm that racked the area one week ago. We got plenty of rain at the beach and some thunder and lightening, but it wasn't too too nasty.

Turns out it was one of the worst wind/electrical storms ever to hit ol' Goochland County in a long, long time. The power was still out on race day, and you couldn't even drive to the venue until very early Saturday morning. I know it had to be a brutally tough decision for Ed to make, but it certainly was the correct one. He and his crew had put uncountable hours and effort into a new sections of trail and had but many a new bridge up.

For a number of reasons I didn't get news of the cancellation until race day morning. Already packed, loaded, and in the area, we decided to go out and see what we could do to help with the cleanup. Once near the Camp you could see the devastation that the storm had wreaked on the area. Huge trees downed, some only recently having been moved off the road. Debris everywhere. Trust me, you can't even imagine how hard that storm hit the Goochland area.

With some loppers, a hand saw, and work gloves we did what little we could do the help cleanup that was already well underway. Applause to the many, many folks (38 people put in 166 hours of work) that made it out there to help. At least 3 or 4 crews with chain saws clearing out trees 2-3 feet in diameter that were blocking the trail in many places. I stole these pictures from Ed, as I'm having trouble getting my pictures online.

Really was an awesome to see the show of community that got the place cleaned up like that. By late Saturday afternoon the whole trail was ridable.

The new date for the race is Nov. 17-18. It'll no doubt be cooler. Unfortunately it's also the same day as our Mt Trashmore Cyclocross Race, which is once again the State Championship. THAT's gonna be a tough decision ...........

I leave you with a picture from the past ..............



i`m in............
Hi, I went on web yesterday to find the results of that race to see how you did. It was confusing to see it sched on another date--this explains all! I would say that it is *funny* that you drove out there only to work, but that's pretty cool really.
Hard decision indeed. Unfortunately, mine has been made for me since I will be in Idaho visiting the Lil Sis. Give em hell!!!!!!

I thought she was in MEEE-CHEEgan

Tell her I said hello, and tell her to blog more, she's worse than me.....
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