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OK, I'll be the first to admit that Monday night's Velocity training session kicked my butttttttox.

The "Dirty Thirty" they called it.

30 of this

30 of that

30 of the other.

Can't even remember them all, but I'll try :

30 situps
30 chinups
30 pushups
30 dips
30 squat weighted ball throws
30 burpeys <----- tough things they are
30 wall to wall runs (woops only ten of those)
30 sweepers
30 squat weight swingy thingy's
30 or more of me thinkin' "Man this is tough, why am I breathing so hard and sweating so much?"

and a partridge in a pear tree.

Then on the bike 9 hours later for the Tuesday AMers. The first few Tuesday's after Velocity it was a goal to suck wheels and hang on. This Tuesday I thought I'd be feelin' a bit stronger - Until about #15 of the the squat weighted ball throws. My quads were burnin'. I said to the Crazy one thrusting his ball next to me - "So much for a strong ride tomorrow morning."

But the morning came, and I figured may as well give it a go. Took one good tug, then back in the pace line. tRoy took a good hard last pull into the headwind sprintzone, and no one made an effort to get around him. Fine by me.

Up the bridge I really felt the dead legs. AtD (astride leadfork) went up strong w/JDiesel, and gapped the rest of us. I wasn't going to chase up the hill and hoped everyone (or anyone) would come around me . No one did. Eff. Tried hard to reel those 2 in on the downhill side and further down the road. Got the group within 15 feet or so and popped like a cheap balloon. Pulled out just before COX HS. Enough work for the day, I'm supposed to be taperin' anyway.
ed. - been lookin' at that picture since I had it up - Does AtD have 2 big handfulls of brake or WHAT? Heck, without that brake action he'd of come in better than the 3rd he got.

The word is that pre-reg for the (rescheduled) 18 hr is ahead of last year. WoooooHooooo!!!! Almost 30 solos, sure to be some last minute folks too. Temp forecast is for 34-54 degrees. That'll be comfortable (unless you stop!)

JB, Don't forget about the box jumps. The wall to wall runs may have only been 10, but we did it three times.

Good workout.
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I knew I forgot something, and I shoulda remembered those things, cause I did 'em near the end, and my legs were toast. Every time I jumped down, I landed so hard the earth shook. The instructor says "Soft landings, soft landings".

Yeah right.
Handfull-of-Brakes say: That was my 2nd ride on a CX bike and 1st off road. I loosened up after the 1st lap. As part of a uh subconscious training plan I used my 23c road tires at the 'swich last night. I hurt a lot o logs.

Have a good 18 hrs this weekend, Mr Earth Mover and Shaker.

...Oh and see if you can get the Crazy One to quit thrusting his balls around all the time...
Burpees should be called pukees. Those suck.

Good luck at the 18 hours. The guys from the AAB shop will be in the Gary Fisher tent. Stop by the tent if you need anything.
Good luck at the 18 hour race!
Have a great time this wkend. We'll miss you out here for Trashmore.
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