Monday, November 05, 2007


The Chill is On

MTB weekend.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Yummmmmmm, yum, yum
Hit the 18 hr. course for a pre-ride Saturday. Parking lot was full. Lots of folks enjoying the Sunny cool day. Saw a bunch of the Richmond crew, Phil, Scott, BigD, Susan, AC and more.

Gotta say that when I heard CyclesEd was reversing the course direction for this year's race I was a bit leary. I'm an old, scared rider, and really had grown accustomed to it the original direction. One pre-ride in the mire and muck early this year didn't show me a lot.

After a few day laps, and some more at night, I've gotta say I'm a believer. Really thought this was one of the best layouts anywhere before the direction change. Now after riding it the new way I say it's even better! It's so much fun you can forget how hard you're working.

Props to Ed and crew for even more new (since the postponement) trail work. The new sections eliminate just about all of the gravel road around the start/finish, and really have some flow. One section has the feel of a pump track. A nice little climb into the scoring area lets you know the lap is done, unless of course you have to keep on going .............

Makes me ?!really!??? look forward to 18 hours of pain, agony and delerium ........... I think.

The sun went down and the temps dropped into the 40's FAST. After the day laps on the Epic, I saddled up the Caffiene 29er for the night. Got lights dialed in and such. Still think the Epic will be the bike of choice for the race. The squishy rear end is much kinder to my old back than that non-compliant ALuMinium.

Forgot how much fun night riding is. Not a cloud in the sky. Furry little critters with glowing eyeballs scurrying about. Eiree noises coming out of the Pirate Ship at night. What are those Boy Scouts doin' in there? The loops seemed to go by faster than before. The last 1.5-2 miles will lay a hurtin' to ya after awhile for sure.

Gonna keep the NiteRider MOAB on the bike and the NiteRider Flight on the brain bucket. Try to milk as many minutes out of them as I can. The race will start at 6PM (in the dark), so there will be close to 12 hours of darkness, then 6 hours of daylight.
LED vs. HID --->
Nice to have the LED's as backup.

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