Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've done some pretty silly things before ...

but today's group rides weren't one of them,

I don't think ...............

Temps in the 40's, 10-20 mph north wind,
oh yeah, and RAIN.

Sally and MkMc fix a gashed tire w/cold hard cash.

Austin and I circle back to find the group,

K-Dog pulls a "I'll attack at the regroup" break, and fuels up w/ a moonpie.

Dag tries to direct traffic at the "longest redlight ever"

While a smiling crowd ignores the ominous clouds behind them.

Then the rain came, again, and hard. Couldn't see squadoush. Thanks to Crazy for being sure I got (more than) enough time at the front. Wheel-suckin' took on a whole new meaning. Road spray for hydration.

And to all those that stayed out to finish the loop(s) - I applaude you, but my momma taught me to get in out of the rain ........ The weather probably got better, 'cause it couldn't of gotten much worse.

Even a week long growth of hair couldn't keep the legs warm today.

At least, after a nice hot shower, I can almost feel my toes now.



and happy B-Day to JLaw, hope you got your hundy in.

I have always said that the Saturday ride will go even if the second coming is scheduled for that day. Nice write up.
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