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Last weekend - A few cross races, then some spectating/photoging at the TidewaterMTBChallenge. It made for a fun, busy weekend.

The second sweat session at Velocity on Monday night made the group ride on Tuesday (9 hours later) even more of a struggle to get up for. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The ride was the first ride of the year started in ~50 degree temps. And it didn't even seem to warm up much as the sun rose. That'll wake ya up in the marning boy!

The Velocity session was fun(ny), hard, and interesting. I mean, it had to be funny watching an old man (me) trying to learn to jump rope. Glad there's no video on that. I'm learnin' and and am looking forward to doing it again next week. Not quite ready to buy my own rope yet. (Do they come in carbon fiber?) Then some Burpy (sp?) intervals. Another new trick. Not really any post workout soreness to speak of, especially compared to last week. But definitely no snap on the ride Tuesday.

TideWater Mountain Bike Challenge

The TMBC is, imho, one of the premier MB events around. The whole vibe is as laid back as it gets. Lots of spectators on lawn chairs with coolers. Nice tent set up by the Casey folks with a loud cheering section including fans doing the wave. It was the first real MTB race I ever did 3 years ago. I won't miss it next year. I mean cross is fun, but not quite like this. Sure the pros are serious, it's what they do. But the vast majority of folks are out there to have a good time, get some big air, then yell and scream for everyone else. KUDOS to Steve Nevins and crew for keepin' the dream alive.

Some highlights :

The incredible HULK.

Big Daddy - lookin' good and, in his own words, "feelin' pretty". 4Sure

His wife - in her first TMBC - lookin' good AND pretty. Have to say I told ya so ........

The TriPower crew.

Also props to the only guy I saw that did the double - Bryan Park Cross AND the TMBC.

More cross reports later, tater



Thanks for the props! It was tough but fun! Just don't ask how I did at Tidewater. (4 out of 6 laps isn't bad. At least I tried.) - Thanks for great cycling pictures
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