Wednesday, August 03, 2005


If You Ride You're My Friend

Roadie or Off-Roadie? I guess thats the question, but is there an answer? I ride 80-90% of the time on the road because there is more road around here than mountain. I long to ride fat tires more but its a bit impractical living where I do. While pondering the subject I stumbled upon an appropriate and poignant point of view:

"Roadies, unlike us mountain bikers, don't know how much fun it is to actually do something goofy. Like trying to win a time trial in a trendy, baggy, oversized sleeve flapping, shirttail getting caught in your rear tire 'race uniform'. Just ask any pro dh'er, racing like that is an absolute blast! ......... Mountain bikers are laughing and partying all the way to the middle of the pack when we race loaded down with a back pack, six pack, and a video camera."

"No. Roadies wear those 'cool' skin suits when they time trial. You can tell by the photos in the mags that they aren't having any fun. But, they are cool. .........The roadies are so cool, they don't smile; they just stick their hand out and a SAG Wagon SUV swerves over to service them right there on the curb."

The above taken from the blog of the Goddess of Gravity, turned XC Racer, single speeder and all around cool Luna chick Marla Streb. Read the rest of it there. That is her in the picture and you can bet she has a big grin under the fc helmet.

Roadie or Off-Roadie? Do I have to choose? Only just before I get on the bike! The bottom line I guess is ...............I just Love2Ride.

Next week I think I'll show up for the group ride in knee pads!

Easy 3 hour spin today....skinny tires.

Till next time


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