Sunday, September 11, 2005


My biggest group ride ever - Where's the group?

Check out Nick Martin's blog he's out with the Trek/VW Team at the Kona 24 Hour Global Championships .

So today the TriPower group was leaving Redmill at 7:30AM to "go long". Sounded like a great plan. Its about 18 miles from here to there so I could get a nice warmup in on the way. I got up with plenty of time but fell back asleep watching some shark show on early morning TV. By the time I had my bottles filled, tires aired etc. it was 6:45 and I'd have to bust butt to get down there in time. As I crest the small Great Neck Bridge I see 2 riders ahead. It was too far away to make out who they were but it'd be nice to catch a wheel to save some legs for later. Just as I reeled them in they took a left. I thought going straight would be a quicker way through the wind, which now was 20-30 out of the ENE.

Then I remembered that another group was leaving Laskin road at 7AM to join the big group at 7:30. For sure I was too late to hook up with them. As I roll up to the light at VaBch Blvd and Laskin I see them rolling out about 50yds ahead of me on the other side of the light. Sheeeee-it. Tried like heck to gain on the group of 10-15, but these two legs were just no match. I never lost site of them till down on GBooth, but catching 'em was impossible. So I arrive and scan the lot but see no one. Ahhhhhh, they're over there by Fat Frog's joining up with that ride. The group was huge, but I guess everyone had different plans on pace and distance.

We got rolling slowly and the pack got split by a light. No one looked too concerned to chase. John M and I rode together for a bit, then I saw a chance to bridge so I did. I hung with the lead group until the pace got up over 28. With the 20+ cross wind it was getting tough to hold a line and a wheel. Besides, we were going long, and this certainly not my going long pace! So I sat up and waited for the next group. It was Sally, her friend and a few other Frogs. Where was everyone else? We gathered up JM and proceeded down the road. At the T only JM and I went right, everyone else went left. At that point we could still see the back of the lead group. We got to the little convenience store and saw a few Atlantic Velo guys sitting there. I adjusted my seat height which had slipped down 5-10ml and was killing my knees, then went in to get some Gatorade. When I came out the AV guys were still there, along with a few others but JM was gone.

After waiting for a while we left as a group but quickly splintered into the nasty wind. I can only guess that everyone slid by while I was in the store. So I hope ya'll had a great ride! I still got close to 80 in - on the "no group" group ride! I felt like that cartoon character, who was he? That always said -

"Which way did they go? Which way did they go?"


Hi John, you know there are rarely easy answers when we are left alone in this world. But in this case, simply, 10 of us took a different. When you guys turned right down Charity Neck, we went strait on the usual Pungo route in order to get the longer miles. Plus, we were avoiding the 28mphers and do a steady pace. Yes, you must have been purchasing that Gatorade when we passed by the store because JM jumped on with us at that time. Yeah, there were lots of different agendas flying around--sorry we missed you!
"Hi John, you know there are rarely easy answers when we are left alone in this world."

Now if that aint the truth !!! :-0
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