Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Tuesday Ride

Hit the road early for a few loops with a skeleton crew of 5. I saw the 6AM blue train turning on to Shore from Great Neck as I pulled up to the red light. Seems like everyone is just out of reach lately. I refused the impulse to chase as it would've been a futile effort at best.

<----Art spins' out the watts
BJ at the helm ----->

Art, BJ, Dag, and Brady were there for the first loop. We picked up a few more for the second loop. This cool weather sure feels great.

I added a link to a cool blog by Rob called Twenty-Nine Percent . He's the only local I knew that made it up to the SSWC this year. Great picture of Jimmy up there from the Sunday night fixie ride.

We bid adieu' adieu' to you and you and you : Barb, Jim, BJ and Bob leave tomorrow for a nice 2 week cycling vacation in Italy.



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