Thursday, November 17, 2005


Stack WHAT? Thursday Part Deux

Down for the Thursday nighter at All About Bikes. The temps dropped 35 degrees from last night, down to the low 40's. I'm sure that kept a few in. Still a good group. Seems like Roberio is ALWAYs working on bikes, even when he's not working.

In a nutshell :
It wasn't that cold as long as you kept movin'.
Crazy was singin' some old 80's hairband song that I STILL can't get out of my head.
Kevin couldn't stack it here so he figured he'd stack it in the parking lot.

Art however is a much better stacker.

Just when Roberio and I got warmed up everyone quit, so we stayed out another 30 minutes to get more miles in.

During the ride I wondered why my legs felt dead then remembered the hill repeats yesterday and the fact that this was my 7th day in a row on the bike. More to follow.



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