Wednesday, November 23, 2005


12 Hour Training Drive.

Left after midnight for the drive down to see family in sunny Florida. It was a midnight start like the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms, except the run to my vehicle was much shorter and there was no bottleneck at the singletrack. Tough staying awake at dawn but once the sun was up my energy was renewed. We did bottleneck outside Savannah Georgia when someone rolled one of these :

Hope no one was hurt. Those things appear to crush like cheap aluminum cans when they're upside down.

After a quick visit with the family I hopped on my road bike to spin out the driving legs. I was warned of the "cold front" that hit Florida. "HAH" It was 68 degrees!!! AFter riding for a while I met Robert, a local triathlete (he was bundled up in arm warmers) who was out rollin' some easy miles while his family came into town. We rode for 30-40 minutes together as he filled me in on the local bicycling scene. He hooked me up with the big group ride on Saturday. I'd seen them flying around here for the last few years but could never find out where they started. Now I'm really looking forward to the ride Saturday. Funny that 4 months ago I'd never done a group ride, now I get withdrawal if miss one for a week. Thanks Robert.

Been editing the video from the Cross race, should be good stuff. I just need a few songs for the background audio. Probably 8-10 minutes in length. The best quote of the day after all the"Go Go Gos", "yea, yea, yeahs", and bell ringin' yells goes to Brenna after the race when she said:

"Can you guys hug again?"
RideON - Lotsa turkey to eat tomorrow.

You inspired me to make a video with some footage Craig took. I know it is not as good as your's will be but I will put up a link as soon as Google verifies it.
Nice. I'm freezing my ass off and you're down there riding. UG!! Enjoy. Have a safe trip home. JM
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