Monday, November 21, 2005


I've Seen the Future!

and It's CycloCross!

But really - I went to my first cross race on Sunday and now understand why everyone's all worked up about this stuff. I practiced my bell-ringin' on the way . Virtually everyone I know that's ever experienced it is MAD Crazy about Cross. After Sunday I can see why. It's great for spectators - at this race you could see probably 75% of the course and when the lower half is cleared (they have permission to do it) you'll be able to see even more. Lap times are quick, 6-8 minutes, so the racers come by often.

Although short, the course was no pushover with a few barriers and one "run-up" which was a flight of old cobblestone steps (see below). There was one more short "up" (--->) at the end of the single track that was 1/2 loose dirt and 1/2 busted up cobbles. Many rode this, and many ran it. Once to the top of the steps you had to hop back on your bike to do the grind (<---) the last climb up to the top of the course, which started on loose dirt then finished on a paved road. Virtually EVERYONE that I talked to or overheard said it was the best course and venue they'd ridden. It has it all - singletrack, ups, downs, paved sections, cobbles and grass. Someone stacked it on the tight cobble turns in virtually every race I saw, they WERE slippery and this was on a beautiful dry sunny day. I could just imagine the carnage if it were rainy and wet.

K-Dogg gets the cover shot for Buffallo2Step, Sweeeeeeeet! Stylin' and profilin'.

I'll get more photos up later and a report of a race or 2.


here is a link
Here is a link to some more pics I took. Thanks to everyone that came. It is only going to get better!
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