Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Cross Race This Weekend

This Saturday will be the first (modern day) cyclocross race in Virginia Beach. YeeeeHaaaaw! Even though this cold has kept me off the bike for over a week how can I NOT try my first 'cross race right here in my home town. I look at it as my obligation as an environmentally aware cyclist to race on a huge pile of garbage. Santy Claus was good to me so I'm in the process of building up a nice barrier hopping steed. If it isn't ready in time I'll just use my MTB or even the 29er SS. Who knows. I walked the course Monday evening and the ground was quite moist even though it hasn't rained in a while. Add the rain we're supposed to get and we should have some awesome muddy cyclocross conditions. There's gonna be a nice healthy sized run up the small hill at Mt Trashmore, then lots of bobbing and weaving around that hill and the back end of the big hill. Here's to Mike for gettin' it done. The venue itself is sweeet, with shelters, barbecue grills, and a nice playground for kids. Even a skate park for those inclined to really bust their butt.

Almost went out and rode this AM, but figured I'd give it one more day or two. Maybe this illness was my body's way of giving me a break? Abject effort at rationalization. Our team kits got held up in customs! Hmmm, guess we shouldn't of added the firearms to that order..........



Oh yeah - A round of applause to Mom for undergoing successful cardioversion yesterday. Her ticker's back dancin' to the right rhythm!

Iowa doesn't equal pain.
It equals love.

Everyone now...
Can't wait to see picts of the CX steed. That bastard Claus missed my house this year :( I guess I was bad.

Kudos to your mom. I just saw an ad on TV about this the other day. I guess they do a lot of it at West Penn here in da 'Burgh.

Got the salsa CX handlebars, salsa stem and a few other things from BikeMan. Good price, good service.

Lotsa gravel love up in IA. Hmmmm, pain WILL be available at TIV2, but how much? Depends on the appetite.
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