Monday, January 16, 2006


The Stable Groweth

My cross bike build was "sort of" finished at 5:30AM Saturday morning before the race. Still feeling under the weather. I loaded the bike up but left my riding clothes home knowing the urge to join in on the racing fun would be overwhelmingly irresistible once things got under way.
One thing I'd forgotten to get was handlebar tape. After we set up the course I took 'er out and rode it cowboy style - bare hands, bare bars, and denim, and was VERY happy with the way the bike felt. Still some tweakin' and tunin' to do here and there, but this is gonna be a new favorite. Just have to think of a name for her.

The build :

Much thanks to my bro' for the gift certificates for Christmas. Also kudos to the team sponsors for making it affordable

I'm no weight-weenie (if you saw me you'd see why) but this thing feels freaky light for a cross bike. I likeey.

The fork has an aluminum steerer with carbon legs. Feels both soft and stiff (no jokes here!)
It's soooo wide my Jones 2.1 tire and wheel from the 29er fit in with room to spare......Hmmmm, makes ya wonder.......It's possibull......It's possibuuuuuull

I hadn't built a bike up from scratch in a loooooong time. What an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



Sweet bike! Haven't gotten into cross yet...though, I'd like to try it someday.
Freaking SWEET! is a CX haven. They dig CX more than anything.
I say do it for T.I.! Big fat CX tires.
You could alway put a bigger casette to allow more spinning. DO IT! HA! HA!

Again, sweet build!

Graham - You should definately try the cross thing - it's the new black! Lots more cross up around you.

Jase - The 34 -25 gearing is plenty of spinning. Got me through 23,000 vertical feet at the ADK.

I love BIKES!

have you taken it any sweet jumps yet?
No sweet jumps yet.

But.......... You see those mountains over there?

I bet I can throw a football clear over 'em!

Girls LIKE guys with skills. (and numchucks)
My head feels hot
that is a nice bike!! have fun with it.

saw your message- we do have the got banned t-shirts in XL. contact ed at eddieodea dot com with your address and he'll send it out for ya!
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