Sunday, January 15, 2006


Trashmore Laid to Waste

Very successful Trashmore Cross Race yesterday. We utilized the ONLY hill in our City to the fullest and made a fun, challenging, and just a bit sloppy course. Props to Mike "you just gotta dream it" Hosang on the layout and vision. Hopefully next year it will be included in the Va Cross series which will draw even more riders. After the race the Park Superintendent didn't have a bad word to say. The wet conditions tore the grass up some and may need to be reseeded (at our expense) but that's no big deal. Many people saw and tried cyclocross for the first time and it can only get better from here. If you were there look for your picture here. They're in the order of the heats. If you didn't do it, you should've. Study the course and come on out next year to have some cross fun! Click photos to enlarge.

The course :

From the side of the shelter a quick sprint to the barriers then retrace back

toward the evil run up.

The "runnup" was initially planned for the grass along side the steps which would've been near impossible in the wet muddy conditions. It wasn't too tough once or twice but after 5 laps it WAS responsible for a grimace or two.

Once atop the hill an out and back

To a quick left

A nice downhill

A nicer climb

Across the ridge top then back down

across the mud field

There was a big, hairy, stinky creature seen around the mud field that walked fast and allegedly caused at least one crash. View it here, click slideshow on the upper right at watch pictures 6-10 closely.

to serpentine back up the first hill

a quick, sketchy, muddy, off camber downhill

leads you to the path for a fast sprint

and you're home

REPEAT till you can't breath, or they kick you off!



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