Saturday, February 11, 2006


Week in Review

The last week was a week in taper. Rode everyday but Monday, at a low intensity. Everyday was outside too, which was nice. Part of the Sebring race prep was making sure the trusty ol' car would make the 14 hour drive to Florida with no problems, so I dropped it off to get some necessary maintainance done Thursday night and rode my bike home and then some. It was a nice night ride, almost 2 hours. getting back around 10PM.

Friday was bike commuter day. Be-bopped around Va Bch on 2 wheels running all sorts of errands on the bike. That was fun. First to the bank, then down to the City Municipal Center to take care of some stuff I could've done on line. Off to the office to take care of some paper work then back to pick of the car and home. Mad props to all bike commuters out there. Might be some more of that in my future.

Saturdays group rides were an exercise in anonimity. Tried to blend in the pack and wheel suck my way through with minimum effort. Wild Bill and a few others snuck out quick on the second loop, and there I was in lead position trying to resist the urge to chase. Just when we were reeling 'em in the group got red-lighted. Good thing too, there wasn't supposed to be chasing today. Then I was trying to invisably (thats quite impossible as I'm a big guy and had my ASSos in red today) drift toward the back and Art rolls by and tells me I'm going backwards. Which was my intent anyway. BTW - Art was throwin' down the wattage today. He had ol' dayglo up in front and powerin' the train everytime I looked up. Nice work. Coach would've been proud. NO - we won't change the 5 minute rule to 7, just 'cause you are chronically late.



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