Saturday, February 11, 2006


Audio Flogger

OK, so I set up the audioblogger thing with thoughts of recording some live on the bike race reports, musings, and/or delerious ramblings during the Sebring 24 hour next weekend. The time around the track gets quite mundane, so it'll give me something to do. Hope I don't say anything TOO stupid.

this is an audio post - click to play
Over and Out

Good luck at Sebring! A while back you had written you were trying to figure out whether to do the Fireweed 400 or a couple other races. The scenery is amazing at the Fireweed. It doesn't have as much climbing as they claim on the website. They have it closer than the year I did but it's still seems off. I have the course profile hidden on my website.
J, have a great time at the race next wkend. Impressive looking event based on your post a few days ago. Maybe that thermal vest will be here by then??
good luck m00-chach-oos
nice audio blog. You, say something stupid?? Never, maybe me.

Tanks everyone.

Liz-If that thermal teamware comes in on or before Wednesday let me know, I'll pick it up. Would like to fly the team colors at night.

Rob - Thanks for the link. Alaska is looking like the trip to do. SSWC would be fun, but the Fireweed more practical, and a better workout.

J - I'd only say something stupid if I were to be feeling too good, or too bad. And I'm pretty sure both of those will happen!

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