Thursday, February 09, 2006


Blog Link Massage

Re-did some links and stuff on the left to include some of the T-I bloggers. They're good reads. We are all struggling to find the time and effort to prepare ourselves as best we can for this event that will no doubt punish us to no end. When it comes down to it - All You Can Do is All You Can DO!. Deep respect and applause for everyone trying to prepare for this thing. If I missed any TI'ers blog, leave me a note.

Read some great ride Reports :

Dave Simmons on the Arrowhead 135 - 135 miles through snow in (way) sub 0 degree temps? No thanks! Great job, and nice writeup.

7,ooo feet of climbing on a fixey! I might not be able to hang, but I could fathom it. Back down the same elevation on single track? Fagedaboutit. Unbelievable.
Endurosnob is also planning his own TI epic style of race. Read about it here.

I thought I was progressing some in the self-abuse world of ultracycling. When I read about this stuff I know I'm not worthy. I haven't even touched upon the adventures of Mike Curiak, another TI entrant. They're WAY off the charts.

It's going to be a super experience meeting with all these folks and riding with 'em. I'd say I can't wait till April 29th, but in reality I can. I need to. I need the time to train more.

On a side note, I recently took delivery of a Wingnut Adventure pack. I'll put up some photos later. It's LARGE. I got it mainly for overnight bike trips. Won't actually put it to the test till late February or early March. We'll see then how it performs.



Seems like a lot of guys are running these for T.I V2. Guys ran normal hydro-packs last year and found the weight to be too high on the back. I think this is a good call on your part.
Just another piece of equipment to sort out and get used to. The thing is HUGE. Might even be too big for TI. I have some other multi-day solo rides planned for later this summer. It'd be great for those. I put a fully packed Camelback HAWG inside this thing and had plenty of room left. We'll see.


Oh Yeah - Happy belated BDay. Hope your bike(s?) come soon

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