Tuesday, February 07, 2006


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ON the way to the Tuesday 7:15er I realized that I hadn't done this regular ride once this year. Weather, travel, and sickness, have kept me away. So it was good to be out the door at the (_!_) crack of dawn again and on the bike during the week. 40 degrees, mild wind, clear skies, a great day to ride. The 7:15 group was me alone, but we had 8-10 for the 8:00 Conte's ride. Lots of folks on TT bikes getting ready for this. But where was Art?

Nice to have most of the teamware released from the greedy customs agent and in our hands. Thanks to Liz for handling the order and distribution hassle.

SO they've changed the date for the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms and made it the same day as the Wintergreen ascent. That would be a sweet 24 hour day binge of pain. BUT, it's just a scant 6 days after Trans-Iowa. Yikes. I may not even want to see a bicycle at that point, much less ride one, we'll see. Will definately make it up to Lodi even if it's just to help out and watch. I HATE LeMans starts but this one is way cool because of the midnight sendoff. Awesome to see everyone filing through the twisty tight single track with light's blazing. Like some kind of freaky parade.

Props to my bro' for being named ICSCC Driver of the Year. AND for having a much more expensive hobby than mine. Think bikes are costly? Try racing one of these!

Whats up with the facial hair? Lookin' a little too much like a TS wannabe............

Great job - keep the rubber side down.



I know someone you can help at Lodi. HA!
Cool about your bro.
Man, a guy gains a little weight and grows a goatee, and everybody thinks he's a frakin' NASCAR driver!
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