Saturday, May 20, 2006


Back in the Saddle

What a sweet day to ride. The plan called for long steady miles. I resisted the urge to join the frenetically paced team rides, and headed south ~6AM. Hooked up with Ironman Jerry close to home, then met his buddy Andy at the Oceanfront. Jerry's riding strong and steady, having just completed the 3 State 3 Mountain Century in Tennessee.

Met up w/the Frogs to ride the first half of their 20 mile ride. They're pimpin' some nice new kits. Now I'll catch some flak for skipping our team rides to go to another team's, but hey this is the first real ride since Lodi 2 weeks ago, gotta ease into it. Didn't go out w/the A+++++ 27-30mph hammerheads. Tucked in as Jerry led out the 2nd group instead. Pace was nice easy and smooth 20-25. Just what I needed. Resisted the urge to jump on as a 6 person break took off. Really trying to behave myself. HAH. That didn't last. Was NOT able to resist the urge to go on a solo bridge 1 mile later. Caught the break and led them into the turn.

We went straight, out to Creeds, no stop, then up to the bridge. The views were nice. A few bridges then back on around and on home. A little over 4.5 hours including a nice 30 minute spin down. Suffered some cramps at 3.5 hours. That was to be expected. Not quite a full C-Note, but close enough for today.

Stopped by the oceanfront to fill Andy's bottles. The weather was perfect. 58 degrees to start 72 at finish. Brisk 15-20 mph SW wind. Forget after living here so long that people spend their hard earned cash to come down and vacation.

Tomorrow Crazy is leading a 4 hour "easy long " ride. This led to much discussion about what long and easy are. Well you know that's all relative. I have to show up just to see if he can actually ride long and ride easy.

Then off to a real rarity - a mountain bike group ride in Hampton Roads. Should be a nice turnout at Ipswich Sunday afternoon. Complete w/picnic afterwards. I sure do Love2Ride.



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