Friday, May 19, 2006


But the GIMP is sleeping...........

"Well wake him up."
The gimp woke up today. Figured I've been on less than 12 rides in the last 7 weeks. That sucks. But it's all about to change. Did the bike commuter thing today. 4 separate rides 8-12 miles each. Dropped the fossil fuel burner off for some maintainance at 0 dark hundred, and rode back home. Rode to the office, then to the bank, then home, then to get the car from the shop. Huge respect to all those that commute regularly. It gets quite nerve rracking out there amongst the masses of moving metal.
Crazy thing is - my foot was swollen when I started, then not when I finished. Yea baby. Leg viens seem to be over the leaking and bruising and ready to take on their old job.

Now feet aint pretty but this is pretty amazing :

Club foot just 2 days ago. Even Lance (the cat) couldn't figure out what was going on. He just looked up at me as if to say "You no MTB ridin' fool. You better get out and practice more."

After the first ride today, Still a bit swollen and sore, but much better

After the last ride today. Still not pretty, but lookin' pretty good compared to before.
Okay. Enough Agony of Defeet.

Hate to expose myself this way, but since many on the TriPower team are exposing themselves in a far more interesting way............................... I won't feel too bad about it. Yep. Liz let the cat out of the to speak. The TriPower Nude Cycling Calender is in production. You read that right. The full Monte. I love our team. NONONO........... no pictures of yours truly, there are many far more appealing to the eye than me. So place your orders soon, get 'em quick. They're sure to fly off the shelves.

Oh yeah - On my way home after dropping the car off I pass this local Country Club about a mile from the crib. All kinds of remote news trucks out there, suburbans w/smoked out windows, well dressed guys in dark jackets and sunglasses. Did a double take, almost stopped and took my camera out. Was just having too much fun riding to slow down. Later in the day I find out it was all in preparation for our luminous leader.........GeeDoubya hisself. HAH.

Tomorrow we'll see just how good dafeet really feel.

Feets don't fail me now, 'cause I'm gonna go out tomorrow and get some more



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