Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Weekend in review

Weekend road trip review :

Duration - 3 days
Total hours driven - 7
Total hours in the saddle - 9+ , all in the dirt. the dude abides.
Pounds of cold ice turned turned to water in coolers - 48
Liquids consumed in an effort to hydrate - 9 liters or more
Times I smiled - once..... from beginning to end.

It was a great weekend. Capped off at Hilbert ridin', racin', and picture takin'. Hilbert photos are up here.

Found these pictures I took at the CSC classic in DC earlier this year. Thought they were pretty cool. All kinds of kids, all kinds of bikes, all kinds of smiles.

We have our traditional trike ........

Some trikes with little open trunks and push handles, check the nice bunny rabbit helmet .....

A nice low rider pink trike, cool drop bars, note the matching pants, shoes, and helmet. Is she a bit young to be so style conscious? I'm thinkin' ........high maintainance in the making?

A nice 2 wheeler with a Freddie Flintstone drive train. After we're done beating our selves up with the whole single speed, rigid, fixed gear thing.......could this be the next logical step?

The kid on left setup up this move like a pro, timed the sprint perfectly, and was all power right to the line. Any coincidence he's on a Trek and wearing yellow?

This kid, on the other hand, pulled an awesome hole shot, but spun out his single speed way before the line. He was pedaling so hard and fast he lost his balance, tipped over and got swallowed up by the pack. An A+ for effort, just have to fine tune the ambition a bit.

Something about riding my bike, especially in the dirt,

makes me smile like a kid.

Thanks to Jay and Crazy for the photos.

Now Go out and get your



the dude abides!
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