Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It must BEE that time of year.

What the BEE-Jeezus is going on out there? People getting stung everywhere.

During the Hilbert race last weekend, Crazy gets stung on the elbow, further down the trail he hears Dan-O screaming expletives and grabbing at his arse after a bee sting during the next to last lap of his enduro win. Dam thing almost made him quit.

JM writes about seeing some guy at the race in MD get stung twice and knocked right of his bike.

In Iowa JeffK gets stung on the lip and swelled up, needed an emergency trip to the doctor. At least it didn't swell up this bad.

In Richmond people are getting stung riding the JRPS.

What is going on? What did we ever do to those bees? Must be a national bee conspiracy.

BEE good out there


No BEE's near me! I think it's i you use a girlie perfume or strawberry shampoo or something...
K-Dog say "F dem B's"!!!! Literally

WoW, thats almost what my word verification says. Now thats funny!
more bee stings in summer than in winter

just kidding

I got stung maybe ten times in the last month

had to kill a few nests around the house
even took a can or two into the woods

I hate getting stung on the bike
I have serious panic attacks when bugs
maybe bees
fly into my helmet
I was just saying that I have been stung by the flying pests three times this year! A record!
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