Sunday, August 13, 2006


Bike Love

Had a chance to head up to Harrisonburg and ride the Southern Traverse with some folks. An IMBA Epic that is part of the SM100. Reluctantly decided to stay home for one weekend and take care of $hite that needed done.

The Epic was off getting the professional 18 hour race prep a total tear down and re-build. Was much needed. So I worked on the car and road bikes.

Cleaning drive trains is never fun, but always worth it.

Why just clean one set of cogs............

when you can clean them all.

Post-op Epic report ........... freehub was a nasty mess and needed it bad. Front CrossMax wheel was cracked from disc tab through bearing socket. Ouch. Loaner wheel installed. Warrenty unit on the way. Better find out now than when I'm on my face. Finally had the rear der replaced with a new unit. The old one was trashed over a year ago, Hongified and reborn. Still was working well but I figured ...... Why push my luck? lol. Thanks Tom.

That's exactly what I got at the group rides this AM. I deserved it. A great workout. Then off to the Chesapeake Crit to turn light beams into 1's and 0's.

Report to follow.



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