Sunday, September 30, 2007


Crash Therapy

The 7:15er was changed to the 7:10er to avoid the dreaded school buses that stop at every block near the end of Shore Dr. I think to ride was fast enough to hit the earlier bus. Lots of strong engines pullin' the train on Thursday, just not enough train track.

Out in the park for an early recovery ride Friday, got a chance to ride with this young man:

Thought I was takin' a pic, got a video instead.

Practicing the step through dismount.
Requires balance, total commitment .......

and oh yeah ----- it helps to unclip before that first step or you'll fall hard with your bike on top of you and get covered in sand. My back was bothering me before the fall, now it's not. Voila! Instant spine adjustment.

This'd be a "ride in the park" on a MTB .............
But on a CX bike you must focus and concentrate ........
momentum and line .... momentum and line ....





Here's to the Lippencote Trail



What a lovely little rock garden. I guess I'll be seeing it in two weeks!
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