Friday, September 21, 2007


If Ignorance is Bliss .....

then I'm a happy man

Much needed rain was drizzling all day so official Cross practice was canceled. More out of respect for the property and relationship with the City than anything else.

But I had the bike loaded up, and the running shoes (I thought) with the gear in the car ....... and it IS on the way home ........
So I went out to The Rubbish Pile anyway to get a few laps of running and some steps in.

Got there and saw the normal lot closed and all kinds of media there, Including a hovering News helicopter. WHAT? Maybe they were there to cover our practice? and didn't hear it was canceled? Cross IS getting more popular .........

Went to put on running shoes and found that in the semi-awake delirium of the morning I'd grabbed 1 road shoe and 1 running shoe. Both for the same foot. EF.

They both WERE grey, easy mistake ..... I guess.

Luckily I had some MTB shoes in the trunk. With 2 blown out ankles and 1/2 a blown out knee I HATE (that's a strong word) running in MTB shoes, even for short distances. No choice. Rode a few easy warm up laps around the whole park, then hit the steps for repeats. Got plenty of practice with mounts and dismounts. Have almost totally eliminated the stupid extra little hop I seem to want to take on remounting.

The whole while the helicopter was hovering and people were congregating, followed by crews with cameras. Then they took over part of the trail including the cross course. As I was packing it in and KJ rides up on his CX bike. He didn't get the memo .......

Keith DID know what the whole march/media thing was about. It was all about this Jena 6 thing. Excuse my social ignorance, but I hadn't even heard of it. So if the march was to raise awareness, it did, by 1. I'm not going to further display my ignorance by making any comments or opinions on the whole thing ......... other than to say ,

HATE is a strong word.

But I already said that.

and ignorance, while it may be bliss, is just plain stupid, and when combined with hate can be downright dangerous.



I guess it was a good thing cross practice was canceled (or moved to Seashore which ended up being an awesome ride) because I don't understand the Jena 6 thing and I don't think a bunch of people standing around a hill would have made me more aware, but I think I would have been at least more irritated. But I guess at the same time its not our hill and everyone has a right to crowd it. See you next week.
I too am blissfully ignorant. Wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers!

Gatherings like those at Trashmore do make a difference.
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