Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Special(ized) Night

Got 3 good loops in Tuesday morning.

Is it just my imagination, or are car drivers getting more and more reckless and thoughtless?

Whatever happened to Share the Road?

At the shop there was a sign of things to come.

Later that evening was a private showing of the new Specialized Transition. Only 10 of these rides exist and we were all very excited to see one. Afterwards the bike was boxed up and sent to Las Vegas to make an appearance at Interbike. Believe me when I tell you - this bike is drop dead gorgeous. Bike porn at it's finest.

Catered food and (adult) refreshments made the viewing even more palatable.

The Specialized rep was on hand to answer all questions, and to take orders. Expected completion of first production run - end of November.

I'm soooo not worthy.......................

All in all a good time was had by all. Only a few puddles of lustful drool were found. It was great to see everyone out there not wrapped up in lycra.

Thanks to our hosts for their hospitality and service. There was many a drawing for many a door prize.

In case you were wondering ......... specialized shoe covers DO work over heels.

In the end the boys will be boys and

and the girls will be girls .... (and thank God for that!)

I never win a door prize ........



WooT !
girls will be girls...

I like the sound of that! w00t!
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