Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Kaaaa-racks and F-Bombs

Up at 0-dark-hundred. Outside putting my shoes one. Stand up take one step :

Kaaaaaaaa-rack. EF!

I stepped on my blinky. Won't blink anymore, won't even turn on. Oh well.

Hustlin' down to the 7:15er, which is now the 7:10er, solo TT style. Decide to go straight down Atlantic to be on time, hit a big kaaaaaa-rack in the pavement in the "Bike-Lane".

ffffffftttt .......ffffttttttt...... ffffttt...fftt EF! EF! Rear flat. Coast on up to Holly Rd. to at least SEE the group.

Changing the tube and realize I have no valve extension. EF! EF! EF! Look up as they roll by and beg for an extension. Luckily JDiesel has one. Fixed and rollin' in a jiffy. Looked like lots of folks were a bit late today. We still missed the Shore Drive school buses.

The rest of the ride uneventful : A flat false alarm, my legs felt dead, AtD wheezed a bit. Crazy's back on the bike after a week off.

The remnants of the ride.

Hopefully CX practice tonight will be better.


Did crazy really take a week off? I saw him Sat and didn't he race Sunday? Sometimes 2 days does feel like a week. . :)
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