Monday, September 24, 2007


Soccer Crit #1

Exciting day on Sunday as the Virginia Beach Soccer Crit Course opened for the first race. Just a paved road with no cars would seem simple enough, but with the City government negotiations and endless bureaucratic red tape it really represents far more than that. It's a victory for everyone that rides a bike.
The course is just under 3/4 of a mile, with enough smooth turns and wind to make it fun.

Literally a decade or more of persistent hard work and planning went into getting this thing done, and those involved deserve not just a round of applause, but a standing ovation.

Even more exciting is the possibility in the future of extending the course into the woods on the top right to make a circuit of well over a mile. All we have to do is show our support by using the thing.

The initial plan was to race 45+ in the B race then try to hang on with the A race (Cat 1234) till I exploded in a burst of quickly dying flames. But alas my upgrade didn't come through in time, sooooooo ............. it was just one scorchin' race for the day.

With Masters, Juniors, Cat5, and Ladies all included the B race was bound to split up early, and it was obvious the wheels to watch were the dynamic junior duo of Lucas and Elliot (Fat Frogs) as well as their teammate and BAR Champ, the always strong and powerful AJ, (no we're not brothers, and YES you should've upgraded already AJ! ;-) ).

At the start the 2 young (Cat 3) guns took off and were looking over their shoulder at the pack by the first turn. I resisted the urge to chase, as that would've been sure self destruction that early on. A lap or 2 later 4 of us went off to try and catch them with only 2 making it, AJ and a teammate. Dan (East Coast Bikes) and I were left in no-mans land. One of the front four cracked and dropped back with the main pack. Pretty much the way it finished with Dan and I trading pulls to stay ahead of the group. Not really much of a chance of us catching those 3 strong guys out front, so it was just damage control to the finish. He got stuck with the last pull, which made it easier for me to nose him out in a sprint to the line.

The A race was wicked fast and spewed riders off the back from early on. K-Dogg has some of Bob D's photos up. Josh was out there too.

The course is really a bunch of fun to race on. None of the turns are too tight, and each one is different enough to keep it interesting. The next races are next Sunday, so get out there, have some fun, and show the City how much we'll support this thing!

After the race there was time to watch the Stillers kick some west coast butt, then play with pneumatic tools and wood planks at home.



Stop kidding your brother about the cat upgrade, you're due for an upgrade too.
Is this the same course they (VA Beach) was getting feedback for several months ago? If so, that was fast.
Yep, the same course. It's really been in the works for years and years. Ever since the stadium was built I guess.

And I DID apply for an upgrade - last Tuesday morning!

Was hoping it would be back in time. My bro on the other hand didn't put in until Friday. And I made a promise (to him) I'd publically rag 'im about it! lol
It was a splendid display of a sprint by you JB! I was impressed!!!
Nice wood!
Come on man, at least i finally put in for the upgrade. Maybe it won't come back in time again, I could go for another fun CAT 5 race!
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