Friday, September 07, 2007


Another Day in the Other Commonwealth

Many thoughts about the 7Springs event, not a lot of time to write 'em down, been busy w/the pics. Really love that place, and the trails, and takin' the photos. Lots of heart and soul out there.

Got plenty of riding in too.

The day after the race, it was like we were never there.

Rode with the gang on Thursday AM. Good to see ChrisD out on the bike.

Planned on some top secret "cross-training" this weekend, but after talking to Chris it looks like the cats out of the bag ....... ,

So I got some maps together, and went out in search of the IronCross course. Michaux is big place. After awhile all the gravel roads look the same, the only difference is whether they go up, or go down ......

That "crawl" up however, is something you'll never confuse with anything else. Somewhere about 1/2 way up that thing, I was really wondering "Now exactly why the hell am I doing this?"
Still don't have that answer.

It looked a good bit overgrown compared to last year.

Then I hear this Bra-a-a-ap, Bra-a-ap. Couldn't really get a fix on where it was coming from. I know no one could ride a moto up that thing. I look up and sure as heck here they come. 1, 2, 3 ...... 4 of 'em. Rear wheels locked up, sliding around, rocks and boulders cascading down the hill ahead of 'em.

Gotta think they were a bit more surprised at seeing me than I was at them. One of 'em ate it on the lower (steeper) half, and they all stopped. Turns out they were pre-riding also. Moto rider #4 tells me there's an enduro race there next weekend, says they ride down this thing. I tell 'im about a bicycle race out there next month, say we go up this thing. He's says "How do you do that?"

I say "One step at a time.", and keep goin'.

That "run-up" won't be over grown after they're done with it.

I stumbled around, fumbled with the maps, missed many turns, still got to ride most of the course. At the end of 6+ hours I had a bone dry bottle, and bladder (mine and my camelback's), and 3 ticks on my leg .......
It was in the low 90's, dry and dusty out there. More abuse tomorrow.

Gotta let K-Dog borrow the bike again to get it cleaned ........

and thanks for the bar ends ....



Man, I can't believe dudes were moto'ing down that mtnside!!! Glad you got to see most of the course again. That definately helps.
The SexWorks looks like she needs some Dawg Lovin. I'll fix er right up!

Neat that you got a photo gig there!
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