Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tuesday Part Deux

CX practice was well attended with close to 20 folks from a CXsection of all local teams.

But before we get to that be sure to check out Biker BJ's slideshow HERE. Really an awesome thing. She did a great job. Really captured the emotion and FUN of the season. You don't see many people smilin' at a road race (one of the reasons I like MTBin' more), but it's still ridin', and I love 2 do that. The slideshow makes me think about how much fun we had this year amidst all the pain, and how much I love bein' on this team and all the people on it!!!!!! WooooHoooo!
YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!!! Vive le TriPower

Soooo Anyway ........

Got out to the rubbish pile early enough to get 30 minutes of running (wooops - I should say jogging) in.

Then we went and practiced starts for a while. 4 person groups, 100 yards out in thegrass, 180 turn, 100 yards back. Got things goin' with a good burn. Everyone got 4-5 reps in. Kicked my a$$.

Then some laps, some barriers, and some hills. Finished watchin' the moon rise as the sun goes down. Great way to end the day.

You have to check out Silly Super Sally's Sexy Salsa CX bike.

It's saaaaaaaa-weet.



White saddle AND white bartape. That is so PRO.

Sounds like ya'll have some good cx practices going.
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