Saturday, September 08, 2007


Iron What?

Getting a handle on this course, and can pretty much get around it (almost) with nary a wrong turn. Trying to figure why this is so tough (and it is) ...... I'll let you know when I do. hah

One thing for sure, that dam (blankity-blank, insert your favorite expletives (or ask Liz for some) here) walk/crawl/shuffle up is just nasty. It was harder today than yesterday. It's definitely one of those "you have to be there" sort of things. Words, descriptions, and photos do it no justice at all.

And after the first crawl you're greated with a quick descent, another short run up. a shorter ride, then the last shuffle up. So it's really like 3 slogs in a row. Really nice to hit Ridge "Road" after that is done.

After the big crawl , looking at the next 2(--->)

Today I somehow got off track in the road section after the steep descent of Thompson Hollow "Road". Figured I could make it through without consulting the map. Wrong. Went around in circles.

It was probably just a subconscious attempt to delay the evil pain of Hogshead Rd., which wasn't too bad yesterday. A good bit tougher today. One thing for certain - the last double humper up Woodrow Rd. will make or break you. Today I was broken. I always want to get a picture of that evil beast, but cameras just aren't allowed that deep in the pain cave.

and so ends another long, hot, dry, parched, day in the big Mic. Bonked, dehydrated, cramped up at the end, but well worth it. Today I figured out why I'm up here ---

Cause I just can't GET this good of an ass whoopin' down on the island.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll start the day tomorrow, with a ride, or two. ONE TWO.



So cool that you did the course! I think I would have figured out a way to skip those 3 crawl ups and save em for race day. We will all have a blast this year, and hmm, who will the potty mouth award be passed to?
Umm. I was joking about secretly pre-riding the course. You're nuts.
no potty mouth here!!!

Good onya JB
Thanks for the sneak peak JB!

I'm going to tryout for the potty mouth award this year!
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