Friday, August 31, 2007


Gettin' the Rides On

A whole lot of ridin' will be goin on this weekend so I hope you'll be out there gettin' some of yours ....

I'll be up at the 7Springs 24 Hr Champion Challenge in Pa. NO - (thankfully) not racing. Taking photos, doing a bunch of riding, and watching as my buddy Jason slowly deteriorates.

I'll also be recording live audio updates every 6 hours on Karl Etzel's site -, So be sure and check them out.

Karl and many other endurance maniacs will be out at the 24 Hours of Adrenlin Solo "Worlds". So best of luck to them. They will be posting live audio updates also.

Missing from the "worlds" this year is Chris Eatough - who will be trying to wrap up his 1st place in the NUE hundy series here in Va. :

Most everyone that's anyone (and many who aren't!) in the MTBing world on the East coast and beyond will be at the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Of course the big news is Floyd will be there too. I'm quite sure C. Eatough, Harlan, XXX and the boys will give him a run, and show him what east coast MTBing is all about.

and lets not forget the other (young, fast, thin) JB who is across the pond in Scotland at the REAL mtb worlds. Good luck to all.

So best of luck to all of you and yours racing this weekend. RideSafe.

should be an exciting weekend!

chris will have some familiarity with the course to his advantage

too bad Jason Berry will be racing and not filming

there will certainly be a story at the front
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