Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Puttin' the OLD in school

I'm not one to bring up the past. What's done is done. Best to look forward in anticipation rather than backward in frustration. Hate to be one of those "been there done that" sorts ......

BUT ..................

I've been in the process of sorting out all my stuff, at least a large subset of it, which resides :

Behind the brown door -

Behind the brown door sits the archeology of my life. At least the last xx amount of years of it. Crammed and layered into an 8x10 room. Sorting through it used to be a annual thing, every spring. Seems like it's been many, many, more than a few years since I've tackled the chore. The door would barely open 6 inches when I started a few weeks ago. Now you can almost see parts of the floor. Remnants of many old sports, pastimes, and hobbies have been thrown in there, with hopes of future resurrection I suppose, but in reality to die a slow death.

The process of going through ones junk is fraught with conflicting emotions. Throw it out? Save it? -Tell yourself "It might be useful someday." (even though you know it won't) ..... Or just sit and ponder it for awhile, then toss it ........ , or set it aside, fate as yet undetermined.

Some old time photos, look even older in B&W.

Scanner not working so I had to take pictures of pictures.

Think you can guess the year? I doubt it.

Give it a try

AC or Dave would get it close, but I'd bet the rest will struggle.

Just remember :

The PAST is but a history ,
The future just a mystery,
Today is the Present,
Enjoy it while you can.



hmmmm, it's lookin like 1976!!!


You would've been WHAT?

Like 5 years old in 76?
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