Thursday, October 04, 2007



Of the near future : (IRONCROSS)

The corkscrew - Once past this - you're almost home!

The big gated area now has a smaller gate to wedge through.

and the long ago past :

Just around the time that the last of the old leather skull buckets rotted away from repeated profuse sweating .........

"The SkidLid Corporation" came out with the infamous "SkidLid". I found mine in a back corner behind the brown door. Circa - 1983 or so.

The helmet did look better with a cover stretched around it.

I, however, still look like a dork.

"The SkidLid represents the state of the bicycle helmet art but no helmet can prevent ALL head injuries. Ride Safely!"

I found a site with a nice history of helmets on it. Protect your cranium, you can't buy another one.



Nice Lid. Didn't they wear those in the that movie Tron?
The important thing is how hot you look in it.
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