Thursday, October 25, 2007


Behind the Brown Door

Which sounds vaguely renminiscent of a classic old movie ...........

but we won't go there.

Behind the brown door is slowly becoming what will be a bicycle storage and maybe even place to spin on the god-forsaken indoor trainer. A few remodeling projects need to be finalized (they're almost done) before the room behind the brown door gets it's final makeover.

Until then it's not just a haphazard bike storage, but a veritable orgy of the 2 wheeled variety.

If you're plain old bored (you must be to be reading this), let's play count the bicycles. Since many of the front wheels get hung their separate little area, we'll define a bicycle here as a frame and rear wheel. Extra credit for brand name and model.


Im gonna go with 9
I count 8, give or take 3.
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