Monday, October 22, 2007


PoleGreenCross by Cobblestone.

Pole Green Cross by COBBLESTONE BIKE

Fun racing in summer-like weather

Shawn and Marco giv'n'r ---->

Super Sally had a great race with Julie K.

Chris, Marco, Albe, and MikeMc, did 2 races each. TurboTim, and BillyG quit while they were ahead, each notching top finishes in their first race before opting out of more abuse.

I "did" two races, but wasn't feelin' it at all ..... or maybe I was feelin' it too much? Either way, still a good workout. Suckmeter was redlined. Thanks for all the yelling, screaming, and cowbells. If it weren't for those I'd of bailed on the second race after 1 lap.

Sounds like Crazy and K-Dogg had some great rides at Wiss and da-Nogue.

Pictures will be up after my photo site gets their junk together.



Hey look I am on your Blog. It must have been easy to get a good pic of me, b/c I was going so slow. Good Job on the two races. I have some pics to send you.
I know you were going slow if you were behind Marco!!!

Marco was rockin' his 2nd race. None o' this - blow my wad in 1 race, quit, and drink a beer sort'a thing.

Me, on the other hand, I go slow form the beginning all the way through the end ........
just joshin JB...
I taught him everything he knows
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